The novel coronavirus has impacted everything in our day-to-day lives including, work, school, routines, and mental health. The effect of COVID-19 differs from person to person, however living through an unprecedented crisis like this with no concrete solution or definite end, our hypervigilance may rise to the point of compromising our physical wellbeing and emotional health. Disorders such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse may surface exponentially as we are forced to isolate. Although occasional feelings of sadness, fear, anger, and other emotions are inevitable during a pandemic such as this, however, the increased frequency and intensity of these emotions has had an impact on many individuals’ mental health and wellness.

We at BiofeedbackWORKS,  are uniquely and highly qualified to provide services that can help alleviate the significant stress, depression, anxiety and other unproductive symptoms that may arise or be exacerbated during this pandemic.  We provide neurofeedback training and biofeedback treatment as well as counseling to help improve and resolve symptoms resulting from the stress or treatment of the virus.

The emotional toll experienced during this unprecedented and trying time includes stressors of family dynamics, personal losses of associates and loved ones, and endless negative social media, general uncertainty, feelings of unproductivity, and fear.  We also realize that hospitalizations, medications (such as antibiotics) and the use of ventilators have created residual symptoms that affect brain function.  Cognitive functioning may be impaired after COVID treatments and during recovery.

If you or a loved one have recovered from COVID-19 or have mental health concerns, we are here to help with the transition to a brighter and more productive life. We are accepting new clients, are capable of catering to individual needs, and mindful of potential unique circumstances. We offer remote neurofeedback training options, teletherapy, and on site biofeedback, neurofeedback and counseling in a safe environment adhering to CDC Standards.  Contact us to inquire about your specific situation.  We can help you train your brain to self-regulate, be more calm and focused, productive and positive, and improve your mental and cognitive health.

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