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A coalition of physicians, parents, scientists, research and health organizations and experts in a cross-section of specialties ranging from bioinformatics to traditional healing have come together to re-think the way in which we approach health and wellness in the developed world. This coalition, The Documenting Hope Team, believes that serious chronic illnesses can be reversed by optimizing the things that interact with our bodies on a daily basis. If true, we have the opportunity to profoundly impact the future of our children and of life on this planet. This theory must be tested and documented.

To test this hypothesis, the Documenting Hope Medical and Scientific Team is undertaking a novel experiment enrolling a small pilot group of children with chronic conditions to demonstrate that their conditions can be reversed. Families enrolled in this groundbreaking pilot program will receive, at no cost to them, personalized nutritional support (including whole, organic, biodynamically-sourced food and supplementation if warranted), comprehensive and cutting-edge laboratory and developmental tests, non-toxic personal and home products, environmental assessments and remediation, personalized therapeutic modalities, emotional/spiritual support and more.

The Documenting Hope Project is the cornerstone research program of Epidemic Answers. Documenting Hope aims to use the tools of science and media to illuminate root causes and inspire hope for preventing and reversing childhood health and developmental conditions.

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The Documenting Hope Project features two IRB-approved research studies: 

  • The CHIRP™ Study (Protocol No. WIRB® 20173049) is the most comprehensive pediatric survey of children’s health, growth and development in the context of the modern world – a place with innumerable toxic and unhealthy influences. This study seeks to better understand the impact of the totality (cumulative impact) of modern living on children’s health. Our preliminary data analysis is pointing to findings that have profound implications for our kids’ health and development. This study aims to measure how hundreds of different environmental variables (toxins, diet, lifestyle, modern medicine) impact children’s health, growth and development. See preliminary results herehere, and here.
  • The FLIGHT™ Study ( Protocol No. WIRB® #20200327) is the first-of-its-kind prospective, longitudinal study that closely examines how children with chronic health conditions improve or even fully recover using a “root causes,” bio-regulatory systems, and collaborative, integrative approach. The FLIGHT™ Study builds upon the CHIRP™ Study as a foundation for capturing clinical data over time to test the hypothesis that comprehensive personalized lifestyle interventions will result in symptom abatement, improved health, and potentially full disease reversal. The study tracks individual participants through 18 months of lifestyle interventions personalized to their needs. The full study aims to enroll up to 14 children with chronic health or developmental conditions. Highlights of the study will be captured for a documentary film to be shared with the public.