Our Process


To become a client at BiofeedbackWORKS, please call our office or complete a Contact Us form. A staff member will be happy to discuss with you and answer any questions you may have. Once you are ready to schedule your initial consult, we will obtain your contact information and send you a confirmation email including your New Client Forms. Here is what you can expect during each session:


The Initial Consult is a one hour appointment with a therapist. During this appointment, the client discusses their history and symptomology. The therapist provides a detailed explanation of the services available and how our process works. The therapist then discusses with the client and determines which service or combination of services will be most effective. Finally, a demonstration of the qEEG and neurofeedback training is provided. If the client is a child, we find that experiencing the environment and participating in a demonstration before the qEEG often helps ease their angst. However, it is the parent’s decision whether they feel it will be beneficial for the child to attend.


During the qEEG appointment, the client will have 19 electrodes placed on their scalp. A technician will record their brainwaves during eyes open and eyes closed conditions for a total of twenty minutes. This appointment is scheduled for one and a half hours in length to provide ample time for obtaining a high-quality recording. It is preferable to schedule this appointment early in the day before the client becomes fatigued. For more information about the qEEG, please view What is a qEEG? What is a brain map? on our FAQ page.

3. Assessments

Cognitive Assessments (Cambridge Brain Sciences): A set of tasks that accurately measure core aspects of cognition that are key to an individual’s quality of life, such as short-term memory, reasoning, concentration and verbal ability.

Visual and Auditory Performance Test (IVA): It will be determined during the initial consult whether the therapist would like the client to complete an IVA test. This is a 30 minute computer test that measures variables of focus and attention. As with the qEEG, it is also preferable to schedule the IVA during the morning.


The intake appointment is scheduled at minimum a week after the qEEG appointment to allow our EEG technician to review and analyze the data. The intake is a one hour appointment with a therapist who will discuss the results of the qEEG and IVA in detail. The therapist will also assist the client in creating a list of goals based on their symptom priorities. This will then be used to solidify an individualized treatment plan for the client.


Once the client has completed the intake, they are able to begin neurofeedback sessions as soon as they desire. Each of these sessions will include a check-in with a therapist to review any changes from the previous session as well as general updates. Once a therapist chooses a protocol for the client, either the therapist or a technician will remain with the client for the duration of the session. We schedule one hour for neurofeedback sessions to allow ample time for the check-in, hook-up, and clean up processes even though the actual length of feedback training is 20-30 minutes per session. Our most common recommendation is to complete 2-3 sessions each week. It is up to the client to decide how they would like to distribute the appointments throughout the week. For more information, please view How is Neurofeedback Training Done? on our FAQ page.


General biofeedback is sometimes suggested by a therapist to be incorporated in a treatment plan with neurofeedback or as the primary treatment modality depending on the individual and their needs. These sessions are scheduled for one hour as well. For an explanation of biofeedback and how it is different from neurofeedback, please view What is the Difference Between Neurofeedback and Biofeedback? on our FAQ page.


Counseling may be requested by the client or recommended by a therapist. Clients are welcome to work with any of our licensed therapists or residents in counseling with whom they feel comfortable. Sessions are one hour in length and consist of traditional talk therapy. Please visit Our Staff to learn more about our counselors and the various techniques they have experience providing.