qEEG Brain Mapping (quantitative Electroencephalography) quantifies brainwave patterns at 19 sites on an individual’s head during eyes open and eyes closed conditions. The brain map provides data analytics used to guide treatment and the choice of neurofeedback protocols. BiofeedbackWORKS provides EEG recordings and qEEG brain maps as a standalone service to clients referred by psychiatrists, neurologists, or other providers as well.

Elastic Cap

First, a recording is made of raw EEG brainwave activity. The recording can be made using an elastic cap or a device called the Freedom. Both have 19 sensors that are placed on the head. Electrical activity is recorded simultaneously at all 19 sites, first with eyes closed and then with eyes open. If deemed necessary, a third recording may be made while the client is given a task.

Raw EEG Data

Once recorded, the raw data is carefully edited by our EEG specialist to remove artifacts which are signals not generated by actual brainwaves (such as those produced by muscle twitches, muscle tension, eye blinks, coughs, etc.) The data is then subjected to various quantitative analyses using sophisticated software so it can be compared to a normative database of age-matched high-functioning individuals. The result is a map of how the client’s brain function differs from this high-functioning population.

Brain Map

To complete the qEEG process, we take the additional step of sending the raw EEG recording to a neurologist who examines it for any organic abnormalities. The EEG recording might show evidence of subclinical seizures (seizures which happen without a person’s awareness or outward symptoms), tumors, or lesions which could be causing the client’s symptoms. A neurologist who is versed in EEG is able to make such a determination, and it is important to rule out these causes.

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