Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy has become more mainstream recently with many reported benefits; but what is it actually going on, and how does this light impact our bodies? While red light therapy, also called photobiomodulation, has entered the mainstream wellness world in recent years, it was actually discovered back in the 60’s. A scientist in Budapest made the discovery accidentally, while working with rats, noticing that laser light promoted wound healing and hair growth. Skipping forward to the 80’s and 90’s, NASA conducted research into using LED lights to grow plants in space and found that specific red light frequencies were especially successful in promoting photosynthesis and overall plant growth; even noticing that wounds on the scientists hands would heal quicker when working under these lights. In a 2000 press release NASA presented “the healing power of light,” explaining how their research on plants in space had discovered a way to heal humans on earth, paving the way for widespread research and use. 

In addition to general healing, exposure to red light has been seen to reduce wrinkles, stretch marks and scars, clear up psoriasis and acne, heal muscle tissue, promote healthy ageing, heal burns and ulcers, reduce inflammation and edema, and more. But how are these physical changes possible from just light exposure? These low wavelength red light frequencies are able to penetrate the skin and produce a biochemical effect on your body. Targeting the mitochondria in your cells, the light stimulates energy, allowing for the cells to repair, rejuvenate and function better; while at the same time stimulating the consumption of oxygen and  production of ATP, allowing for increased blood flow. In your skin, it reduces inflammation and promotes the production of collagen, vital for giving skin its structure, strength, and elasticity. 

Here at BiofeedbackWorks, we use red light therapy to promote wellness and healing for our clients. Our red light room is available for free to our clients to use before or after their sessions, allowing for a relaxful rejuvenation in a comfortable private lounge. We can also incorporate red light therapy into your session, using a small photobiomodulation box with adjustable wavelength frequencies to target specific body parts or joints.  So whether you’re looking to clear up your skin, reduce joint or muscle pain, or stimulate fat burning and muscle growth before a workout, give red light therapy a try today. Ask our expert staff about red light therapy as well as other forms of photobiomodulation we incorporate into our treatment plans.


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