Mother of C.

“My 14-year-old son has severe ADHD.  We had tried every medicine available to deal with his ADHD.  All of the medications had awful side effects, some of them increasing his anxiety until he had to be hospitalized.  Finally, we settled on Vyvanse as the side effects were the least offensive of all the other medications that we had tried.  On Vyvanse, C. developed trichotillomania (skin picking disorder).  He compulsively picked and bit at his fingers, arms, and even feet, sometimes until he was bleeding and there were bloodstains on his clothes.  This caused him severe distress, and I know that it negatively impacted his social relationships and his schoolwork.  His ADHD coach, Dr. Marcia McKinley (with Psych Ed Coaches and BiofeedbackWorks), recommended that we try neurofeedback and specifically, low-energy neurofeedback system (LENS).  We live so far away that more traditional forms of neurofeedback, which require several visits per week, would not be realistic; C. could do LENS just once a week on Saturdays, adjacent to his coaching session with Dr. Marcia.  After just one LENS session, C.’s skin-picking had been reduced by at least 75%.  After two sessions, his body was completely clear, and he isn’t picking at all.  C. says that it is also getting easier for him to pay attention in school in the afternoons, when his medications have worn off.  I don’t know how LENS works, but I know for sure that it does, and C. and I are very grateful that we found it!”

̶  Mother of C.