How do I get started?

To become a client at BiofeedbackWORKS, please call our office or complete a Contact Us formA staff member will be happy to discuss with you and answer any questions you may have. First, we schedule an hour-long Initial Consult with a therapist. During this appointment your symptoms are reviewed, your questions are answered, and a determination is made as to which of our services will be most helpful for you. If it is decided that counseling or general biofeedback alone is the best option for you, no further evaluation is necessary. If the decision is to begin neurofeedback training or a combination of neurofeedback and other services, the next step is to schedule a Quantitative Electroencephalograph (QEEG), IVA +Plus computer test of attention (if appropriate), and an Intake Interview.

The QEEG (described further below) is a recording of your brainwave (EEG) activity at 19 locations simultaneously. Afterwards, the data is edited and then compared in detail to a large database of high-functioning individuals matched to your age.

At the Intake Interview, an in-depth discussion of your symptoms takes place, and a therapist reviews your QEEG results with you. They identify EEG abnormalities and brain regions showing sub-optimal functioning correlated with the symptoms causing you difficulty. Specific treatment goals are identified, and an individualized treatment plan is developed based on your symptoms, your goals, and your specific brain function as seen in the QEEG. Please view Our Process for a more in depth explanation of each appointment.