I had been struggling with progressively worsening insomnia for three months. I first consulted my Primary Care Physician (PCP) who only wanted to prescribe medications. They tried to convince me I had generalized anxiety disorder and that I should take anti-depressants with debilitating side effects. I also tried CBT-I, a major component of which is cognitive restructuring to manage the anxiety that accompanies insomnia. Unfortunately, a single 45-minute session each week with a printed handout on how to change your thinking only goes so far. My CBT-I therapist suggested I try neurofeedback and referred me to BiofeedbackWorks. I took my CBT-I therapist’s advice, rejected my PCP’s, and did a QEEG. Listening to Dawn interpret my QEEG results was an eye-opener – she was able to tell me exactly what I had been living with for the last three months. Even better, she had a treatment plan and infectious confidence. I started neurofeedback treatments the same day. My sleep log reflects the results. Where my ratings of quality, quantity and anxiety had been completely random and generally bad for the three months prior, each of these factors started improving within a few neurofeedback sessions, and it got progressively better from there. I felt like I was on a downward spiral when I started, and within a few weeks I had not only reversed that trend, I was restored. The fog had lifted. Had I listened to my now former-PCP I would now be dealing with the many side-effects of medication. Instead, I am medication free, sleeping well, and back to where I was.