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  • We use one-, two-, four-channel, and other multichannel protocols such as z-score, amplitude, Infra-Slow Fluctuation (ISF), and Alpha/theta with BrainMaster and AVATAR technologies.
  • qEEG Brain Mapping (quantitative Electroencephalography) quantifies brainwave patterns at 19 sites on an individual’s head during eyes open and eyes closed conditions. The raw recording is edited and compared to a database which provides a map of brain activity. The brain map is one of the important pieces of information used to guide the choice of neurofeedback approaches.
  • LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) measures the strongest frequency at various sites over the brain and briefly feeds back a slightly altered signal. Over time, brainwave patterns associated with poor functioning change to a more optimal configuration.
  • LORETA (Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography) is a new form of neurofeedback that targets the EEG patterns of the deeper brain structures. With LORETA, the therapist is shown the source of the EEG activity in three dimensions revealing abnormalities of deeper structures and networks of the brain. The EEG activity of the deep structures can be compared to a database and trained with z-scores in the same manner as surface EEG.
  • HEG (pIR Hemoencephalography) is an indirect measure of blood flow over the prefrontal cortex and an indicator of neural activity. Training to increase brain activity at the prefrontal cortex is associated with improvements in attention, reduction in anxiety, and is also used in treating migraine headaches.
  • Vielight is a photobiomodulation device which heightens gamma and alpha waves. Benefits of this revolutionary device include improved focus, increased memory encoding, heightened calmness and meditation.


  • pRoshi++ is a device that uses glasses which emit light in various colors to induce calming, relieve head pain, and improve brain flexibility.
  • Photonic Stimulator (Photonic Dynamic Light Therapy) uses red light to stimulate the healing of painful areas of the body.
  • Cranial Electrical Stimulation is provided by the Alpha-Stim device which is useful in alleviating insomnia and easing anxiety and depression.
  • Emwave “Heart Math” trains an individual to improve heart-rate variability which leads to increased calming and generally improved functioning.
  • EMG (Surface Electromyographic Biofeedback) detects tension in muscles and trains for their relaxation. It is used for pain, tension, and headache relief.
  • Pneumography using the Capnotrainer device is helpful if disordered breathing patterns are contributing to symptoms of anxiety, stress, or panic attacks.
  • Galvanic Stress Response training measures skin conductance as an indicator of stress and arousal, and trains an individual to achieve physiological calming.


Counseling services are offered at BiofeedbackWORKS in addition to our neuro/biofeedback services. Clients are welcome to participate in counseling services exclusively or in addition to neuro/biofeedback sessions. Counseling is often a beneficial supplement to neuro/biofeedback to further support clients as they process issues and experience changes. Our staff includes licensed professional counselors and residents in counseling that have experience in a myriad of therapies and techniques including holistic integrative approaches, mindfulness approaches, trauma informed CBT, and REBT. Clients are welcome to work with any therapist or resident whom they feel comfortable with. For more information on our staff and their counseling experience, please view Our Staff.

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