What is neurofeedback? What is biofeedback?

NEUROFEEDBACK is a specialized form of BIOFEEDBACK.

NEUROFEEDBACK is a painless, non-invasive technique used to train the brain to improve its functioning. An individual receives instantaneous information (feedback) about whether the brain is moving towards or away from optimal function. It may be thought of as a kind of exercise for the brain: a retraining of the way the brain organizes itself.

When the brain is out of balance, people can experience a wide range of problems that affect learning, mood, sleep, concentration, and behavior. Neurofeedback training brings these problems gradually under control.

BIOFEEDBACK is a non-invasive technique by which people learn to use signals from their own bodies to improve their health. Various instruments (from sophisticated machines to simple hand-held thermometers) are used to provide information to individuals on the state of bodily processes about which they are normally unaware. They are then trained to adjust these states to ease a wide range of symptoms.

During a training session, measurements of a relevant physiological process (for instance, skin temperature, muscle tightness, or brainwave pattern) are continuously made. At the same time information (that is, feedback) is given to the individual about whether the measurements indicate optimal functioning, or are in a range that is indicative of symptoms they wish to relieve. The individual receives this feedback in the form of a musical tone, a computer graphic, or the continued playing of a movie.