“I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how well I’m doing and how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me… I know that the neurotherapy saved me last year but you were the one who had the lasting impact…

You have had the largest impact on my life of any professional I’ve seen. I’m grateful every day for what you’ve given me. The skills you gave me have let me have a wonderful Christmas, best in years…I hope the new year brings you wonderful things.”

̶ A.


I am a woman in my late fifties who was struggling with lack of concentration, zero motivation and fatigue. My job is stressful and I was developing symptoms of burnout. In addition I was also troubled by mild spurts of “road rage” in my daily commute. After several months of biofeedback therapy, I can say with certainty that all of these issues have been somewhat mitigated. My ability to concentrate has improved tremendously. I have much more energy and am more successful at sticking to a plan and achieving objectives. In addition, I am a much more laid-back driver. None of this was instantaneous. It’s not an overnight process. It is only in looking back at where I was and where I am now that the progress can be measured. I had tried medical doctors, traditional therapy and medication. As the name says, Biofeedback works. As a bonus, Joan Ordmandy is an astute therapist in her own right with a sharp mind and an empathic, intuitive soul. She gets to the heart of a person and their issues while she is helping them help themselves with biofeedback. I am very grateful.

̶ F.