Why should I choose BiofeedbackWORKS over other clinics?

All neuro/biofeedback providers are not equivalent. It is not uncommon to discover people going into practice who are not licensed, or who are licensed but inadequately trained. When deciding with whom to work, be certain that the individual overseeing the training is a licensed mental health provider or physician, and has had adequate training in the field of neurofeedback.

At BiofeedbackWORKS in Virginia, our clinicians and technicians provide a diversity of education and experience that is unmatched. We offer an extensive variety of neurofeedback modalities such as EEG, HEG, and LENS neurofeedback and sometimes use more than one of these modalities in a single session. We have the latest equipment in the field such as a VieLight and Freedom 24D that is not available at many other clinics. In addition, we are one of the few clinics that offers general biofeedback as well as neurofeedback and counseling. We look at the whole person and choose the modalities that will produce the greatest positive change for the client.